The Bard has travelled the roads of Kolstad for more years than his features would suggest. He built himself enough of a reputation to be at least passing familiar in most major locales and of course, all the noble houses know of him, or at least the rumours. His youthful face belies the silver hair, and a single pearl earring marks him out in most respectable company. As far as anyone knows, he’s never given a name other than the simple moniker Bard, and his patrons, if he truly has any, remain removed and unknown.

Rumours abound regarding the Bard. Some say he is a bastard of some noble house, Artonin in particular, their wealth explaining how he never seems destitute despite his wandering travels. Others speculate he is a bastard of the royal house itself. Some even whisper of a vile union, that he is the love child of a noble lady and gypsy* performer. Whatever the truth, the Bard has never set the matter straight, and a few have begun to notice that new rumours seem to always spring up in his wake…

One thing most would say without hesitation is the Bard and the Church are not on the best of terms. Most feel it is only a matter of time before the Inquisition call him to repent for his life of sin.

_Abandoned on the steps of the grand cathedral, Bard was raised within the church by Gilmar himself. Groomed to be a priest, his disposition and attitudes led him in another direction.

An Inquisitor of the utmost secrecy, only a handful of people know of the Bard’s actions and true loyalties. Coupled with his field work, Gilmar also utilizes Bard’s other skill set as one of the chief interrogators of the Pallid Eye. There are few who are more deft, his quiet and calm questioning purring along with his torturous ministrations, bringing all clients to the inevitable, submissive end._


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